The Savá collection

A series that reminds us of a lot of joyful moments. The Savá series is an elegant collection designed in a beautiful, sculptural form. The pieces are of a pure and modern design, express timeless elegance and therefore suits women of all ages.

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D'avie Ring white gold w. brilliants

The D’avie Collection

Inspired and enhanced by the round shapes and aesthetic expression of the Matiné series, we hereby invite you into another universe. A series of jewellery crafted in the purest gold, worth a true world champion. The series welcome you to the Helgstrand world where the name and the elegant dressage horse symbolize eternal love and the unique bond between horse and human.

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The Matiné Collection

This was where it all started. With the design of the first brooch, Helgstrand Jewellery was established. The name had to be uniquely similar to the concept. A vivid remembrance was the white mare, who Andreas Helgstrand won a silver medal with at the World Championships in 2006 – an achievement that turned out to have a great impact on the equestrian world.

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