The Savá collection

A series that reminds us of a lot of joyful moments. The Savá series is an elegant collection designed in a beautiful, sculptural form. The pieces are of a pure and modern design, express timeless elegance and therefore suits women of all ages.

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The Matiné Collection

This was where it all started. With the design of the first brooch, Helgstrand Jewellery was established. The name had to be unique similar to the concept. Discretely inspired by the simple and round shape of the rings of the bit, we find the Matiné piece to be classic and elegant assembled with utterly accuracy and completed with the most dazzling white diamonds or white zircons.

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The Hublot Collection

Driven by a passion, Helgstrand and Hublot have side by side launched one pioneering concept after the other and now the time has come to merge the best of both worlds. With absolute finesse and advanced technology in a careful combination with state-of-the-art materials and unique details from the Helgstrand brand, we can proudly present the first Helgstrand-Hublot watches.

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