The Series

The series in the collection from Helgstrand Jewellery – Prima Donna, Matiné, Lorenzo, Sitana, Fiontini, Revolution, D’avie, Jovian, Wendy and Adriano are named after horses that had a special meaning for Marianne and her family. Additionally Helgstrand Jewellery has launched their first Helgstrand watch in a close collaboration with the world renowned and luxury watch brand Hublot, just like the collaboration with the professional national team rider, Cathrine Dufour, has brought along a collection of beautiful designs named Dufour by Helgstrand.


This was where it all started. With the design of the first brooch, Helgstrand Jewellery was established. The name had to be uniquely similar to the concept. A vivid remembrance was the white mare, who Andreas Helgstrand won a silver medal with at the World Championships in 2006 – an achievement that turned out to have a great impact on the equestrian world. Matiné was her name, and even though she is not among us anymore, her memorable name will live on in the first series of Helgstrand Jewellery. Discretely inspired by the simple and round shape of the rings of the bit, we find the Matiné piece to be classic and elegant assembled with utter accuracy and completed with the most dazzling white diamonds or white zirconia. The Matiné pieces are found in both the gold- and the silver collection.

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Close your eyes and let yourself get carried away for a while. Imagine something unique – something just a few is in the possession of. Meticulously shaped in carefully chosen materials, made by the best jewellers with an exceptional sense of quality, perfection and aesthetic. Open your eyes and let them run over the series of revolutionary designs. Sitana! As unique as the name indicates. The round shapes appear again, this time inspired by the details of the double bridle – the bridle that is only used for high level of dressage – assembled in a delicate way, demanding extraordinary craftsmanship. The bit in the double bridle, the chain and the hooks it is attached to, constitute the source of inspiration, and if you compare the jewellery with the bridle, the small design secrets of the jewellery are revealed. The piece is completed with the most beautiful white diamonds or zirconia. Small pieces of jewellery that will add joy and happiness to you for the rest of your life. The Sitana jewellery exist in a gold as well as a silver collection.

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Prima Donna

All the amazing memories we have, are crystal clear. The Prima Donna series, that is one of Helgstrand Jewellery’s first collections, is reminding us of all the good – all the things we have experienced, the people we love and our desirable wishes for the future. We carry it in our hearts as if it was a secret, and we worship it as if it was our one and only. Just like Marianne’s horse, the beautiful Prima Donna, whose name is also the name of the series – a mare, who will always have a special place in Marianne’s heart. This is why the heart with the impressive diamonds or zirconia has received a unique spot in the assemblance of the jewellery and the series represents all the good, that comes along with our life. The Prima Donna jewellery exist in a gold as well as a silver collection.

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Explore the Prima Donna silver collection


The stirrup… the elegant lines and the lightness express the balance and the power that also can be used to describe the amazing three-time gold winner at the World Championships, Fiontini. Elegance, ease, balance and power are the symbiosis of the dressage that you wish to accomplish when putting the foot into the stirrup to conquer the dressage arena. The pieces in the series are of delicate shape and symbolize harmony and happiness. The stirrup has thereby already taken root in Marianne’s subconsciousness as a feeling of luck and drive. To a very special feeling of passion, harmony and happiness… Fiontini.

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The assemblance is masculine, the style is classic and the expression is elegant – jewellery that complete a modern man’s style. The men’s jewellery is leaving an exclusive stamp and with engraved initials, the personal style is brilliantly underlined. The small details have been specially treated, and every piece is truly unique with the closely considered materials and the adding of the initials. A unique piece, just like the horse Lorenzo, who was the source of inspiration in the design process. Powerful, dynamic and more or less invincible. A horse that galloped his way into the Helgstrand history with his 5th place at the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro with the Spanish rider Severo Jurado López.

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Inspired and enhanced by the round shapes and aesthetic expression of the Matiné series, we hereby invite you into another universe. A series of jewellery crafted in the purest gold, worth a true world champion. The series welcome you to the Helgstrand world where the name and the elegant dressage horse symbolize eternal love and the unique bond between horse and human. A bond just like the relationship between D’avie and his rider, as they together won a gold medal at the World Championships for young dressage horses.

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One of the characteristics of Helgstrand Jewellery are the revolutionary designs that apply to all jewellery throughout each series. The jewellery challenges the norm by combining gold with leather and creating that way a unique symbiosis of all the best of both worlds. Stylish, smooth and state-of-the-art leather winds around the neat gold and the noble diamonds in the creation of a perfect picture of the perfect piece of jewellery that has more functions. An absolute masterpiece – a revolution – just like the horse carrying the same name, who almost constitutes the trademark of Helgstrand today. Inspired by the details from the reins, where the hook encloses the ring of the bit.

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A series that reminds us of a lot of joyful moments. The Savá series is an elegant collection designed in a beautiful, sculptural form. The pieces are of a pure and modern design, express timeless elegance and therefore suits women of all ages. The design is delicately inspired by Savá: the horse of Alexander, Marianne’s son – a horse who contributed with a lot of joy and memories and continuously unites the family. Something these unique pieces can now contribute with in another term– combine them with your festive pieces, mix and match with different materials to get your own personal look. The shape illustrates the plaids that we make on the horses when they have to shine at competitions – they symbolize aesthetics, and it takes impressive craftsmanship to capture the natural forms of the plaid. Let the series symbolize personal memories and enjoy the passion for cutting-edge craftsmanship - welcome to the Savá series.

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A series that exudes love and potential – the same way as the unique creature, the series is named after. A pony who, carefully trained by Alexander, managed to reach unimaginable heights early in in his career. This couple has obtained many titles, but the most memorable and impressive, must be the three gold medals at the European Championships in 2019 and a number 1 placing on the FEI World Ranking List for ponies. Achievements that has inspired many, as the jewellery represent in their unique designs with the centred horse surrounded by sparkling zirconia. The Adriano series is crafted in a collection of silver.

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Our Jovian collection captures the delicate texture and details of a bandage, showcasing the artistry and craftsmanship behind this elegant and unique design. Embrace your story, embrace your strength, and let our Jovian collection be a representation of a journey towards self-love and empowerment. Discover the enchanting fusion of equestrian symbolism and exquisite craftsmanship in our jewellery collection inspired by the bandages on the horses. Embrace the opportunity to carry the spirit of the horse with you, celebrating the beauty of the equestrian world in every elegant detail.

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So Unique

Elegant, timeless and So Unique. Our So Unique collection combines the beauty of nature with meticulous craftsmanship. Pearls have been treasured for their natural beauty and elegance for centuries. One of the most striking aspects of pearls are their unique, organic shapes and colors. No two pearls are exactly alike, which makes every piece unique - just like you. Combining three magnificent pearl varieties, Tahiti pearls, Freshwater pearls and South Sea pearls our So Unique collection represents an exquisite fusion of colors, textures, and shapes.

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- I am very superstitious, so I wished to create a “Good Luck charm”, that can help us remember the passion for the horses and give us the courage to strive for our dreams, Cathrine states.

Already as a 24 year old, she attended the Olympics for the first time with Atterupgaards Cassidy, who carries the name of the series. At the Olympics she managed to become the best Dane, and she has since then won several competitions up till International Grand Prix level – in 2019 she won the  prestigious SAAB top 10 – a competition for the top ten riders of the World Ranking list.

Her great passion for horses has now been captured in an inspiring series of jewellery, appealing to everyone that share the same passion for these astonishing creatures.

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Our collection “Wendy” captures the spirit of the horse in every detail - a sterling silver horseshoe-shaped masterpiece adorned with cubic zirconia. Our special letter necklaces let you wear your favorite letter, a letter from someone you adore, or a letter that means a lot to you. 

This collection is a tribute to the timeless charm and symbolism of the horseshoe, believed to bring good luck and protection. Inspired by the mare Wendy, who has obtained many titles, including winner of the 5-year-old dressage championship 2019 and young horse championship 2019 and the 3* Grand Prix Special in Ermelo 2022.

Crafted with precision and passion, "Wendy" captures the essence of equine beauty in its design. 

"Wendy" is more than just a beautiful accessory; it's a conversation starter, a symbol of your appreciation for the equestrian world, and a reflection of your personal style. 

Elevate your style and celebrate your love for horses with "Wendy."