Passionate dressage rider and creative jewellery designer

Marianne Helgstrand is the founder of the elegant jewellery designs commonly known under the brand name Helgstrand Jewellery, that represents conceptual designs of superior quality based on traditions of solid craftsmanship. Unique designs highly demanded by quality-conscious buyers all over the globe.

Marianne Helgstrand was born in 1976 and grew up in the Northern of Jutland close to Aalborg. Already when she was a small child, she was very fascinated by the impressive animals, who are now an integral part of her everyday life, even though her career started elsewhere. In 2009 she and her husband, Olympic bronze medallist Andreas Helgstrand, founded Helgstrand Dressage that is deemed to be the world’s leading sales- and training centre within the field of elite dressage horses.

Marianne has always admired her grandmother’s brooch, which later on got a functional and aesthetical meaning for the clothing worn at dressage shows. This seriously commenced her entrepreneurial thoughts and the dream about creating a piece of jewellery that could be used for riding competitions, which at the same time could appear stylish for everyday- and party wear, turned out to be the beginning of Marianne’s jewellery firm. 

As a sprouting seed, Marianne started dreaming about creating a collection of her own designs, discretely inspired by the unique shapes of the equestrian equipment. To Marianne, it was at utmost importance to create something elegant, timeless and unique, and even though many of the creative designs aspired to become a reality, it took some courage to make the leap to become entrepreneur. To some, the process of transforming a creative thought to an exclusive piece of jewellery might be everlasting, but to Marianne it was more the art of limitation. In 2014 more of the unique designs became a reality and the first complete collection was launched in December 2015.

Her curiosity towards the designing, makes Marianne constantly open for inspiration – therefore she is always very close to her phone, in order to capture every possible source of inspiration in a photo, both when being at home as well as when she and the family travel abroad.

In just a few years the unique designs have taken roots in the consciousness of people and is today representing Danish design and solid traditions of high-quality craftmanship, admired by women and men all over the world.

All jewellery is crafted in 18 carat gold. The astonishing designs are adorned with white diamonds, while the sterling silver is the piece with cubic zirconia. Every piece is crafted either in a whole or in smaller pieces, with the purpose of finally assembling it with absolute accuracy. Our talented jewellers create different types of surfaces, making every design absolute unique.