Design and concept

Unique jewellery being small artworks
defining who we are

The jewellery brand Helgstrand Jewellery stemmed from the desire to create an elegant brooch for dressage riders, because Marianne felt like this was a missing piece to complete the competition clothing. It was the unique and meaningful brooch of her grandmother’s, that had been a part of Marianne’s show clothing for the dressage competitions, that inspired her. A desire to create something elegant, aesthetic – well, something genuine.

The brooch was the foundation for Marianne’s jewellery adventure as well as the start of Helgstrand Jewellery – a journey that has brought along a collection of unique designs shaped in 18-carat gold with diamonds of absolute best quality as well as a beautiful series of jewellery in sterling silver and cubic zirconia. The exceptional designs are developed slightly inspired by the delicate shapes of the equestrian equipment, yet with a classic and timeless expression. A design stemming from a passion and driven by the vision of creating jewellery that can narrate the story about who we are.

One is not required to be particularly interested in the artistic world of dressage to find the jewellery from Helgstrand Jewellery highly appealing, but it is appropriate to be picky and demand perfectionism both aesthetically but also in relation to the quality – because this is what Helgstrand Jewellery can offer; uniqueness and exclusiveness. Every one of the pieces is an expression of a tiny luxury making a big difference.

Welcome to the universe of Helgstrand Jewellery.