Mother's Day

Mother's Day

Find the perfect Mother's Day jewellery gift from Helgstrand Jewellery. Show your love and appreciation and take a look at our exclusive collection and shop your favourite creations online.

We have done our utmost to find a great selection of timeless jewellery made with impeccable craftmanship and the highest quality materials.

Marianne Helgstrand, the designer behind Helgstrand Jewellery has decided to gift her mother with a beautiful pendant from our Fiontini collection in 18K yellow gold with brilliant cut diamonds:

“For this upcoming Mother's Day, I want to take a moment to celebrate the incredible woman who has supported me in pursuing my passion for making exclusive fine jewellery”

The series in the collection from Helgstrand Jewellery – Prima Donna, Matiné, Lorenzo, Sitana, Fiontini, Revolution, D’avie and Adriano are named after horses that has a special meaning for Marianne and her family.